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January 7, 2018 in Meknes. The Association of Moroccan American Dialog organized a forum for people with special needs in collaboration with the US Embassy in Rabat and AMET association in Meknes. The speakers in the forum included doctors, civil society activists, people with special needs and their parents as well as social entrepreneurs working on using technology to serve this social group. It was a very fruitful event and very touching in most of its part. Thanks a lot Layla Hachimi for the great job you did to put this event together. Bravo....

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  The Association of Moroccan American Dialog (AMAD), in collaboration with the Rectorate of Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdullah University in Fez, was honored to invite Dr. Robert J. Allison, a PhD from Harvard and currently chairing the History Department at the University of Suffolk in Boston. Vice presidents of Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdullah University, Deans of different faculties, professors, PhD candidates and students of different masters programs attended this lecture in which Dr. Allison spoke about Islam as seen by Americans. a heated debate followed the...

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The Association of Moroccan American Dialog (AMAD) was honored to co-sponsor and help students of EHTP (Ecole Hassania des Travaux Publics), top engineering schools in Morocco, to organize the first edition of their Model United Nations. Fouad Touzani, AMAD board member, had the pleasure to help, guide and mentor these future engineers who honored him as they offered a very nice trophy with EHTP’s logo and his name carved in it. It is not only an honor for Fouad but an honor for AMAD as well....

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  Rachida Bami and Fouad Touzani, AMAD’s board members, were honored to meet Dr. Mary Ellen Weber for an exclusive interview on her visit to Fez in January, 2015. Dr. Weber is a NASA Astronaut since 1992 and currently holds the position of the Vice President of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. Dr. Weber has logged over 3,500 skydives since 1983. She is an nine-time silver/bronze medallist at the U.S. National Skydiving Championships, and she participated in the world record largest completed freefall formation in 2002, with 300 people. In addition, she is an instrument-rated pilot, with over 800 hours flying time, including 600 in jet aircraft. For the full interview, please visit this link . For more information about Dr. Weber, please visit...

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AMAD was thrilled to invite Professor Michael Barry to lecture on Islamic Art in Fez. His speech was very appealing to the audience, especially those interested in the arts. Dr. Barry is a professor at Princeton University where he has lectured since 2004. He has published extensively in English and French and his academic works have been translated into various Eastern and European languages and for which he holds seven prizes from Iran and France. In addition to French and English, Professor Barry is fluent in Persian and speaks Arabic as...

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  October 11, 2014. AMAD’s board members, Rachida Bami and Fouad Touzani, were please to take part in an Alumni Debriefing in Mehdia. The purpose of AMAD’s presentation was to connect to young Alumni who had recently come back from the US and tell them about our activities and programs as well as encourage them to be part of this dynamic fledgling alumni association. It was a great opportunity for Fouad and Rachida to hear about the experiences of these alumni and answer their questions about...

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